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Welcome to our website at www.globalbulkshipping.com. With our website we aim to provide the global shipping industry with a useful platform to help bring buyers and sellers together. We provide this service for free and although we do our very best to achieve the highest quality possible, we cannot give its users any warranties whatsoever. This means that the information contained on our website is not guaranteed to be true, complete, or accurate and may contain mistakes, omissions or other problems, even viruses. Any and all interactive features which might be found on our website are provided “as-is”, and are not guaranteed to function or even exist at any given time. We reserve the right to alter or remove our website at any time, be it with or without notice. Under no circumstances shall the content, the altering or the removal of our website cause GlobalBulkShipping to be liable for any damages that may be suffered as a result thereof. In order to use our website you must first register and agree to our Terms of Service and to our Privacy Policy. This disclaimer, our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy together govern all the rights and obligations which may exist between GlobalBulkShipping and the users of our website. We strongly recommend that you also read our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy before submitting the electronic registration form.

This is version 1.2 of our Disclaimer. It is effective since it was placed on our website on 10 October 2009. We advise you to save and/or print a copy of this document for your records.

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